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The shifting landscape of global wealth

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From past to future: The wealth landscape

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

As wealth changes hands and new opportunities emerge, how will the global high-net-worth (HNW) population evolve? Discover the future of wealth.

Region Number of HNWIs

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Wealth Opportunity Index

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

What countries are primed to support the future of wealth? Explore the 15-region ranking, measuring the key drivers and challenges for the high-net-worth population.

Canada’s HNW population expected to grow 5.7 percent per year to 2030.

Canadian women make up 32.2 percent of the current HNW population.

Canada and the U.S. hold the largest share of HNW Baby Boomers.

Global wealth

New wealth rising: The shifting landscape of global wealth

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

The influence of affluence is changing — from local to global, and from one focused on returns to one founded on personal values.

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Paying it forward via smart philanthropy

A new generation of Canadians are shifting their wealth focus from returns to personal values.

Global wealth

The future-empowered high-net-worth investor

How technology and human power will reshape the wealth management industry.

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Global wealth

Investors in Canada are financially optimistic despite an uncertain political and economic environment

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

Swirling undercurrents of a downturn can’t keep the Canadian investor down. Find out how they feel about reaching their financial goals.

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Global wealth

Long-term planning can help allay Canadian investors’ concerns for the future

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

Over the next decade, the number of high-net-worth individuals in Canada is projected to nearly double. Yet more wealth does not always equal more optimism.

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High-net-worth (HNW) investors in Canada

Over three-quarters of Canadian investors think today’s market requires investors to be more flexible and responsive in their investment strategies (more so than peers in the UK and U.S.).


Canadians at the highest wealth levels1 stand out in this regard: Thirty-two percent strongly agree, more than twice the average of other Canadians.

Relatedly, high-net-worth Canadians expect their wealth manager to offer unique investing opportunities.


at the highest wealth levels

Future HNW investors in Canada


of high-income earners and adult children of high-net-worth individuals think there needs to be a better balance between encouraging personal wealth creation and ensuring equal opportunities to accumulate wealth across society.

Younger Canadians plan to increase their focus on impact investing, which could help to close the wealth-gap divide.


Younger Canadians


Older Canadians

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