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RBC Emerging Artists Project presents – Jagdeep Raina


Jagdeep Raina mix media art stitchwork

Jagdeep Raina has an interdisciplinary practice that spans drawing, textiles, writing, and, more recently, video animation, photography and ceramics. In his work, Raina engages with personal and public archives and mines for fissures in representation.

Jagdeep Raina on floor of art studio

Raina notes that, with public archives, fixed notions of identity are mapped onto the materials. By simultaneously examining personal archives around Global South migration and historical memory, and considering them in the context of fluctuating infrastructures, Raina’s practice works to conceptually disrupt this fixity and recover heterogeneity. These more complicated images are visualized in his drawings and textiles. In doing so, the artist reactivates the archive to reveal hierarchies of power that play out across class, gender, caste, race and geography.

Raina lives and works in Guelph, Ont.

Watch the full interview with Raina below.