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Over a lifetime, you will experience certain milestones and life-changing events, both personally and professionally, that will impact your financial goals and plans for you and your family.

In this issue of Perspectives, we examine how different life stages may shape your wealth planning and how your goals may change over time. With the growing senior demographic in Canada and age-related health concerns, we also discuss in this issue the importance of planning ahead and the steps you and your family can take to be well-prepared and protected if disability or incapacity were to arise.

Time is an important aspect when working towards your financial goals, and with this in mind, the article “It’s about time” looks at the core financial literacy topics of saving and investing, and the value of starting early in building and growing your savings.

This issue also looks at the changing landscape of work—in Canada and globally—and the importance of preparing the next generation with the skills for jobs of the future. In “Is your family prepared for future post-secondary school?,” we also discuss the financial realities of higher education in Canada and the benefits that Registered Education Savings Plans can offer when it comes to effectively growing a child’s or grandchild’s future education dollars.

“The picture of giving in Canada” provides a snapshot of charitable giving among Canadians and how adopting a more structured approach to giving can create greater social impact and leave a meaningful legacy. Finally, for business owners, this issue includes an engaging case study that explores retirement planning options.

As always, I encourage you to speak with your RBC Wealth Management advisor to learn more about how RBC’s wealth management strategies can benefit you and your family throughout your life.

David Agnew, CEO
RBC Wealth Management Canada