Professional investment advice

Invest on your terms

To help grow the wealth you have now, while protecting it for the future, we will take the time to understand what you need from your investment portfolio, and how you can reach your goals for retirement income, growth, diversification, liquidity or capital preservation.

Through discussions and analysis, we can determine:

  • The amount of capital available to invest
  • Your tolerance for market risk and changes in portfolio value
  • Income required to finance expansion or unforeseen expenses
  • Term length for cash and fixed-income investments
  • Required savings for long-term goals like retirement

You will have access to the full range of investments globally – including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, GICs and more – within a custom-designed portfolio. To help you make confident investment decisions, you will benefit from RBC’s research, market commentary and proven investment strategy.

Every step of the way, we’ll be there to provide advice, recommend changes to help you stay on course, and keep you well informed about your progress with detailed reports and online account access.

Access comprehensive wealth planning through these RBC businesses:

Investment management and advice

Benefit from professional advice on the full range of investments uniquely personalized investment management and comprehensive financial, retirement and estate planning.

RBC Dominion Securities
Investment counselling

Realize your financial goals through consistent investment management, led by our firm's established approach, which is tailored to your family’s circumstances by a personal investment counsellor.

RBC PH&N Investment Counsel
Estate, trust and elder care solutions

Preserve your wealth for future generations while getting the professional assistance you need to navigate complex and sometimes emotional decisions.

RBC Royal Trust
Banking and credit

Receive customized wealth management, sophisticated banking, cash management and high-net-worth credit solutions, from a dedicated private banker and their team.

RBC Private Banking