For Jennifer Lemieux, the decision to pursue a career in wealth management was made close to home. 

“My step-father was an investment advisor in the Guelph,[Ont.], office, and was always so passionate about his work,” Jennifer recalls. “He often said that I would love the business too. I took his advice and made the leap of faith, and when I finished my degree, I joined RBC Dominion Securities as an assistant to four investment advisors – and I loved it!”

Since joining the firm after graduation, she has continued to hold client-facing and management positions of increasing responsibility, and today provides leadership to a team of 13 portfolio managers, investment and wealth advisors. 

“I always enjoyed talking to clients, working with my colleagues and training others,” she explains. “I also had a great management team who encouraged me when there was an opportunity to become a branch administrator. When I wanted to continue my path and become an investment advisor, I had the support I needed. And when I had an opportunity to become a branch manager, I knew it was the right move for me.”

Nearly 20 years later, Jennifer continues to work with clients, and now helps advisors and staff in the Kingston, Ont., office of RBC Dominion Securities to achieve their career aspirations. She has also taken her mentorship role one step further and now co-chairs the Women’s Advisory Board (WAB), a forum for women across RBC Wealth Management Canada to focus on recruiting, mentoring and networking. 

While she remains committed to her own mandate, Jennifer is keen to “pass the torch” and see others who are new to the business get the right coaching and support to build their knowledge, their business and their professional network. 

“I’ve had so much support in my career, and I believe it is critical for every woman in this business to support the next generation. I have benefitted from those people who believed in me, and that’s why I am on the Women’s Advisory Board,” she says. 

“We have a responsibility to tap the next generation on the shoulder and encourage them to take that leap of faith and help them to see in themselves the talent and leadership potential that we see in them.  You will never regret investing the time to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Jennifer Lemieux is Vice-President and Branch Manager with RBC Dominion Securities Inc. and Co-Chair, Women’s Advisory Board.