Foreign exchange and precious metals

Invest on your own terms

You may wish to build your wealth for future goals like retirement. Perhaps you need to maximise your after-tax investment income, or need to preserve the wealth you have so that you can pass it on as a legacy.

Whatever your reasons for investing, RBC Wealth Management is here to help you reach those goals. Foreign exchange and precious metal investments offer a wide range of products to enable portfolio diversification. Our professional advisors can discuss customised solutions to match your specific investment needs, such as diversifying via asset allocation or hedging your portfolio against currency and inflation risk. Our investment strategies are supported by our in-house RBC Capital Markets research views. You may access a wide range of products for foreign exchange and precious metals (over the counter). We also offer direct access to our foreign exchange specialists for active trading clients.

**Please note: Depending on your citizenship or domicile, some products and services may not be available to you or may only be available to you from certain RBC Wealth Management offices.  A suitability assessment may be required.  Please contact your financial advisor for more details.