Are you ready to age well?

Discover how your health and your wealth interconnect as you get older.

Make the connection between health and wealth

When changes happen to your health, your wealth, or both, they can influence how you spend your time as you age. At RBC Wealth Management, we believe your ability to age well involves health, wellness and proper planning.

Why plan to age well? Getting older is part of life. Being aware of aging, talking about it and preparing for it are some of the best ways to gain peace of mind.

Thrive as you get older

Your RBC Wealth Management advisor will help you create and implement a customized plan with the flexibility to change as your needs and goals do. We’ll guide you through the aging journey, including:

  • Eldercare planning
  • Incapacity solutions
  • Legacy and estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning

Age well by planning well

Speak with an RBC Wealth Management advisor to help create your ideal future.

Strategies for aging well

What you envision for your senior years is unique, and we want to help you feel empowered, independent and in control as you prepare for and enjoy it.

To that end, RBC Wealth Management has partnered with industry experts to provide you with strategies and resources on topics that may impact your aging journey.

  • Elder Caring Inc. – managing immediate and long-term care needs
  • National Institute on Ageing – preparing for and making decisions on financial security in retirement
  • Women’s Age Lab, Women’s College Hospital – removing the gendered ageism barrier
  • Women’s Brain Health Initiative – making positive changes to combat brain-aging disorders
  • David Chilton, author – understanding the estate planning process