RBC Regent Strategy Fund Limited

Regent – UK Reporting Fund Status

All Share Classes within Regent have approved ‘Reporting Fund’ status with HMRC for UK tax purposes. The ‘Reporting Funds’ regime, which forms part of the Offshore Funds (Tax) Regulations 2009 has replaced Regent’s UK Distributor Status. UK residents will be liable to UK taxation on the reportable income for the period whether distributed or not. The income will be regarded as foreign source for the purposes of UK taxation.

If you are not subject to UK taxation, you may ignore this notice. If you are subject to UK taxation, you will be required to pay tax on the share of income reported to you in this notice. We recommend that investors consult their tax advisor if there is any doubt as to whether, and how, this information is to be included on their tax return.

Persons resident but not domiciled in the UK will be liable to income tax only to the extent that the reportable income is remitted to the United Kingdom. (Note: this is on the understanding that the person has claimed to be a remittance basis user and paid the charge/fee as appropriate).

Information for Investors

Investors who hold Regent shares as at the last day of the Fund’s accounting period (Regent’s year end is 30 November), will need to review the annual ‘Reportable Income’ information and include the relevant details on their tax return.

The amount of income treated as received by a UK investor will be any distributions received during the period plus the amount of reportable income per unit in excess of distributions. The latter is calculated as follows:

Total number of shares (per Class) held by the investor as at period end


Reportable income per share (in excess of distributions)

Reportable income per share


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