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Do you want flexibility, choice and the ability to reduce your investment risk through broad diversification—without having to make investment decisions on your own?

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    With an investment fund from RBC Wealth Management you gain access to a diverse range of investment opportunities. What's more, you'll know that your assets are being managed by some of the world's top-tier investment firms.

  • RBC Regent Strategy Fund Limited

    Invest in the world's leading equity and bond markets.

Benefits of RBC Funds

International exposure and diversification

Each of our investment funds represents a pool of assets owned by multiple individual shareholders. Through this strength in numbers you will have access to international investment opportunities and achieve diversification normally only available to much larger investors. Through our fund families, you can choose from a wide range of asset classes, geographical regions and non-traditional investments.

Access to world-class investment managers

We believe that no single investment manager can be the best in every asset class, in every investment style and through every market cycle. That’s why we carefully select and build partnerships with top-tier investment firms across asset classes and geographical regions around the world.

Active management and oversight

We continuously monitor partners we select to ensure they comply with the agreed investment mandate. If, at any time, we feel an investment partner does not meet our exacting standards, we reserve the right to appoint a replacement.

You will be kept well-informed

Investment statements, showing the value of your holdings, will be provided to you twice a year, together with the Fund's annual and interim accounts, which include current portfolio information and market commentary.

In addition, fund fact sheets detailing the latest performance figures are produced monthly and are available for your review on our website.

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Important legal information regarding these funds - please read the disclaimer before proceeding.

Depending on your citizenship and residency some or all of the Funds sponsored by RBC may not be available to you. In particular, Funds are not being offered in the United States of America or Canada, or any of their territories, possessions or areas subject to its jurisdiction, or to nationals or residents thereof. In addition, shares in RBC Regent Strategy Fund Limited are not being marketed to investors domiciled within the European Economic Area. Before deciding to invest in our Funds potential investors should read the latest Prospectus document and note the important regulatory disclosures, risk warnings, restrictions and acknowledgement contained therein.