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You may be looking to fund a major purchase, invest in a new business, refinance debt or secure the right financing arrangement to suit your needs. Whatever your goals, we can provide a variety of customised credit and financing solutions around your immediate and longer-term objectives, delivered through your wealth manager in conjunction with one of our dedicated credit specialists.

If you own investments or manage them on behalf of your clients, you may well need a custody platform to hold and manage any associated administrative elements. At RBC Wealth Management, we specialise in global custody solutions and can provide a range of services to fulfil your requirements, including trade settlement and management, reporting and valuation and complementary banking and credit services.

With global financial interests come global banking needs, from managing complex cross-border family and business interests to undertaking international transactions, We offer a suite of international banking and cash management solutions to complement your wealth portfolio, spanning bank accounts, deposits and cards to payments and foreign exchange.

Planning your tax affairs in an efficient way is an important consideration, whether you are moving to a new country, making arrangements for your family, or thinking about the best way to hold your wealth. RBC Wealth Management’s team of tax experts can provide a broad range of tax consultancy and advisory services to support the wealth-planning objectives of you and your family.

You’ve worked hard to build and grow your wealth; it’s only natural to put in place measures to protect it. Exposure to different tax and legal requirements, change in your marital status and unforeseen claims and liabilities, are among the many events in life that have the potential to complicate your financial and businessgoals. Using trusts and other fiduciary solutions, we can help you preserve your wealth both for your benefit and the benefit of generations to come.

Whether you represent a small privately-owned company, a multinational corporation, a boutique fund manager, or a large financial institution, RBC can create and administer the right solution to meet the needs of your organisation. We are a global specialist in employee benefit plan trusteeship and plan administration, working with companies in all industry sectors, from small, owner-managed businesses to large multinationals.

When it comes to building an investment portfolio, you may have specific goals that reflect your risk tolerance, time horizon or asset class preferences. Whatever your needs, we can help you develop an investment strategy that works for you.

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