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The shifting landscape of global wealth

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From past to future: The wealth landscape

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

As wealth changes hands and new opportunities emerge, how will the global high-net-worth (HNW) population evolve? Discover the future of wealth.

Region Number of HNWIs

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Wealth Opportunity Index

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

What countries are primed to support the future of wealth? Explore the 15-region ranking, measuring the key drivers and challenges for the high-net-worth population.

Canada and the U.S. hold the largest share of HNW Baby Boomers.

Mainland China’s HNW population is set to grow by eight percent until 2030.

The UK population of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) will grow by 2.4 percent per year to 2030.

Global wealth

New wealth rising: The shifting landscape of global wealth

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

The influence of affluence is changing — from local to global, and from one focused on returns to one founded on personal values.

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The conversations with investors

Paying it forward via smart philanthropy

A new generation of Canadians are shifting their wealth focus from returns to personal values.

Lessons learned for the next generation

A professional athlete shares the importance of building the right financial team and lessons learned for the next generation.

Generations of doing well by doing good

Exploring the intergenerational legacy of one British family dedicated to creating a better world.

Balancing the values of two generations

With the largest wealth transfer in history already underway, the global wealth population is fundamentally shifting. Are you ready for what’s next?

Global wealth

The future-empowered high-net-worth investor

How technology and human power will reshape the wealth management industry.

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