Ollie Turner looks forward to new running season with Team RBC


ollie turner runs during competition

Ollie Turner, a 20-year-old elite triathlete from Jersey, has recently joined the Team RBC family. Turner is racing at the U23 elite level for Great Britain and Jersey, and represented Jersey at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Turner, who will be sharing updates on his training and the 2019 race season, talks about how he started out as an athlete and what he's looking forward to as the newest member of Team RBC. 

We’re excited to have you join #TeamRBC and to introduce you to everyone! What inspired you to start competing in triathlons at the age of nine? 

It’s an honour to be a part of the team. I got into the sport when my best friend Sam asked if I wanted to give it a go. We both went for a taster session and then it snowballed from there. We were both of similar ability, and  everything was a competition as we grew up - and it still is now, even though we’re both 20.

ollie turner competing in a race

Was there anything about growing up in Jersey that particularly helped with becoming a triathlete? How have you found the support from home?

The junior tri club in Jersey was, and is, a very well-run club, which was originally started by Andy Kemp and Dan Hawksworth. It was a tight-knit community with no more than 15 juniors in the club, which meant everyone knew everyone, making organisation that much easier. The club has now really taken off, with well over 100 junior athletes and the organisation remains second to none. The club provides a solid base for like-minded kids of all ages to give the sport a try and to progress with the correct guidance.This development stage of the sport was crucial and really helped me to find my feet before things took off properly.

You have raced across the British Isles, Europe and also at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. What races are you looking forward to this year, and what are your goals? 

I’m super excited to kick off my season in Singapore, with the grand final of the Super League Series. I'm very much looking forward to racing in some pretty cool countries including Bali, Poland, Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and wherever else the sport may take me.

What keeps you inspired and motivated in your training?

My biggest motivation in training is the drive and want to achieve. I know where I want to be in four years’ time and by following the correct process I hope to achieve these goals. I like being told I can’t do something, and then working hard to prove them wrong.

ollie turner team rbc riding a bike during competition

You recently began studying for a sport and exercise science degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University. How do you find this new environment and training at the collegiate level?

Coming from a little island to the mainland was originally a shock to the system, but like most things I've embraced every moment. Now I’m settled, I'm going from strength to strength in both my sporting and personal life. I love Jersey, but I think it’s crucial to get away and experience different ways of life as well. Naturally, it gives me key life skills like being independent and learning how to cater to my own needs. On the sporting front I've been welcomed nicely by the National Triathlon Performance Center of Wales (NTPCW), where training has become more specific and suited to my personal needs. I'm making personal bests in training on a weekly basis, so I'm super excited to put the new training programme to the test.

What do you enjoy doing in your down time, when you’re not training or studying?

I'm the most extreme version of an extrovert you can get. I love being in the company of other people so I enjoy socialising with friends. In the summer, when I’m back home in Jersey, I also love surfing, which is definitely the sport I would focus on if I wasn’t a triathlete.

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Quick fire questions:

Favourite TV show/movie? The Inbetweeners or Dumb & Dumber

Favourite football team? Portsmouth FC (got to stay loyal even if they are in D2)

Favourite Book? Not a massive reader, but I did enjoy The Brownlee brothers book.

Favourite food? Fajitas, all day every day.

What are you terrified of? Horses! I was traumatised as a child.

You can follow Turner's journey on Twitter and  Instagram.

This interview has been edited and condensed.