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For investors, 2016 will be remembered for its unexpected twists and turns. As we start to close the books on a volatile year it’s time to look ahead to what awaits us in 2017.

At RBC Wealth Management, we see a number of themes on the horizon that will have meaningful portfolio implications. The Global Insight 2017 Outlook showcases our unique perspectives and highlights compelling opportunities for investors. 

U.S. Equities

While the Trump presidency could impact U.S. markets and the economy, U.S. equities are well-prepared to outperform in 2017. Bread-and-butter fundamentals should also play pivotal roles. Seven signposts for 2017 may help guide you through the year ahead by pointing out what to pay attention to and why.

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Fixed Income

Major central banks will continue to nurture fragile economies to achieve sustainable, long-term growth. Various shades of accommodation offers practical information about positioning your fixed income portfolio based on how policymakers will approach their circumstances and challenges.


Oil will continue to play an important role. Stuck in the mud, but improving views supply-demand rebalancing and potential OPEC policy improvements as reasons for optimism. However uncertainties remain regarding political unrest in some producer nations, U.S. foreign policy and OPEC production.

European Equities

Political risk is set to move front and center in 2017. Beyond Brexit consequences, will a heavy European election calendar amid widespread opposition to EU membership heighten market volatility? Europe’s political dominoes explains why to avoid overreacting to the political cycle and stay the course.

Canadian Equities

Canada’s stock market has outpaced global equity indexes in 2016. Can the Toronto Stock Exchange maintain its momentum? Staying power? offers an overview of how credit conditions, fiscal stimulus and prospects for higher energy prices may affect performance of the Canadian equities in your portfolio.

What is your outlook for 2017?

Read the Global Insight 2017 Outlook to learn more. Then contact your RBC Wealth Management financial advisor to discuss how these themes and insights may affect your personal wealth management goals. Or contact us to be introduced to an advisor near you for a complimentary, no-risk consultation.