The new face of wealth and legacy

How will you define the mark you want to leave on the world?

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The rising economic clout of women across the globe is changing the face of wealth, giving and legacy.


The new face of wealth and legacy

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

How women are redefining wealth, giving and legacy planning. The way people accumulate, manage and give their money is changing across the globe.

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The new look of legacy: Lessons for the next generation

For women in the U.S., legacy means imparting values on the next generation and making the American dream available to all.

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Creating social value now: How the idea of legacy in the U.S. is shifting

Written by  The Economist Intelligence Unit

Whether it’s through investing, spending or giving, wealthy American Millennials are making positive social impact part of their legacy.

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85% of younger high-net-worth business owners in the U.S. say it’s important their business makes a positive charitable impact on the communities in which it operates.

- Data from a survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit © 2018

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