Why is financial wellness important?

What you do with your money today will help lay the foundation for the future.

Financial wellness looks at educating the entire family, assessing shared and individual values and building out a plan that can adapt as life and goals change.

Integrating financial wellness with your wealth is an active, ongoing process for you and your family, aligning unique values and goals towards an optimal financial future. We can help you get started.


Financial empowerment sets you and your loved ones up for success. Understanding how money works, such as how it’s earned, spent, invested and managed, can boost everyone’s peace of mind when it comes to family finances – especially the next generation.


Shared values help shape and guide a family’s financial future. Your family values define your legacy and provide ongoing guidance for effective decision-making. This understanding may also support conversations about shared assets – no matter where family members live.


Combine what matters with the know-how to help your family thrive. A tailored plan aligns with your family’s values and includes strategies and solutions to help manage your family’s wealth – with the flexibility to change as their needs and goals do.

Mapping your family’s financial future

Asking the right questions paves the way to developing a family wealth plan that stands the test of time.

Create the financial future you envision for your family with help from an RBC Wealth Management relationship manager.