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Legacy planning and wealth transfer can mean different things to different people. We all have varying goals, priorities and hopes for the future. But one thing common to us all is the need to plan and prepare to ensure our goals are reached.

Providing you with a diverse and thoughtful perspective is integral to our approach. In this series, discover what your peers are prioritising, how the needs and wants of the next generation are shaping decisions, and how protecting your assets is more important than ever.

The expert perspective

Dr. Eliza Filby on the COVID-19 Generation

Listen to what leading intergenerational expert Dr. Filby has to say about the generation being defined by the global COVID-19 pandemic. How this new world is changing the way they learn, engage in politics and use technology.

One of the country’s leading intergenerational experts talks to us about how values and behaviours have evolved over generations. What are the implications for us in 2020 as we look to the next generation, and their response to work, consumption, politics, society and economics.

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