Cookie statement

A cookie is a file containing a unique identification number that a website sends to your device’s web browser. When you visit a website, a cookie may be used to track the activities of your browser as well as provide you with a consistent and efficient experience.

There are two types of cookies:

Why does RBC use cookies?

RBC uses cookies on our websites and advertisements to give you the best possible online user experience and to improve our online services.

How does RBC use my information?

You can of course visit our website without revealing any information about yourself. However, if you do give us any personal information about yourself or others, we promise to treat it securely, fairly and lawfully. We collect information on you to deliver services you request, display targeted and relevant advertising, provide more relevant content to you and to learn how we can better meet your needs.

Does RBC share my information?

RBC may share information with employees, agents and service providers, who are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information. We may also share information with government agencies, public bodies, regulators, or other entities where permitted or required by law.

Use of cookies when browsing RBC websites

RBC relies on cookies to understand and improve your website experience, to customise advertising to your interests, and to track your usage of our website. Your choice not to accept these cookies will not prohibit your use of our website.

Cookies identify when you visit specific RBC pages and may be shared with third parties, such as call tracking solutions, to customise advertising on RBC or other websites.

Call tracking data will include call duration, inbound caller line identification, call date/time and duration, and other information required for marketing analytics.

Your choice not to accept these cookies will not prohibit your use of the RBC or third-party site.

RBC does not sell your information to third parties, nor do we track your interaction with a third-party website.

Can I disable cookies?

If you do not want your information collected or used for advertising, remarketing or other purposes via cookies, please refer to the documentation for your web browser or device regarding how to allow or block cookies. Additional resources that may assist you in managing cookies used for advertising are:

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA):

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI):

In Europe:

You can change your cookie preferences on, by clicking on ‘Cookie Settings’ in the footer menu.

Blocking cookies or opting out of ad customization will not eliminate all RBC advertising in digital channels. RBC advertising not customized for you may continue to be displayed.

RBC does not manage, and is not responsible for, the digital marketing and cookie practices of third parties, for example, third party websites linked to/from RBC digital channels.

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