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Wealth planning

Wealth planning can help you and your family define and realise your personal and financial ambitions.


Wealth planning starts with a conversation.

By understanding you and your circumstances, our wealth planners help you define and realise your personal and financial goals.

Beginning your financial planning journey

By discovering your personal objectives in the areas most important to your financial wellbeing – such as your family, property, lifestyle and career – we help you build a personalised financial plan so you can make the right decisions to meet your needs today, without compromising your goals of tomorrow.

Modelling your financial plan

At RBC, we use innovative cash flow modelling to bring your financial plan to life and help you answer the big questions, like:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • How much really is enough?
  • How and when should I make gifts?
  • And how do I secure wealth for loved ones if I’m no longer around?

We can help quantify the answer to these questions to ensure you have the insight to make smart, informed decisions.

Working with your wealth planner

Your wealth planner will help you structure your assets so you can:

  • Preserve and grow your wealth
  • Access income and capital when you need it
  • Pass on your wealth to those who matter most, simply and efficiently

Offering restricted independent advice, our team of wealth planners put you and your family at the centre of everything they do, helping you to navigate important financial decisions with expert guidance and a deep understanding of your values and priorities.

We can provide guidance on tax efficient investment structuring, protecting loved ones from the impacts of your death or illness, and retirement, succession and estate planning.

Our wealth planners don’t work alone. Better outcomes are achieved when you have access to a wealth planner and investment professional working in tandem. That’s why our advice that clients benefit from, integrates financial planning and investment management on an ongoing basis – offerings that are also available as standalone services.

Plan for your success

So, whether you’re still growing your wealth, planning for your retirement or looking to pass on your wealth to the next generation, a conversation with one of our wealth planners can help you achieve your personal and financial ambitions.

After all, what’s wealth without purpose?

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