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Shipping risks underestimated?

With the Suez and Panama Canals operating below capacity, global shipping costs are climbing. We explore the corporate highs and lows from the situation and those that may benefit and those that may lose out.

Can small-cap equities go the distance?

After a strong rally to end 2023, U.S. small caps gave back much of their gains. We explore whether the asset class warrants patience from investors.

Have bonds rallied too far, too fast?

Swelling expectations of rate cuts have been a boon for bond markets. But could a step up in inflation put that narrative in jeopardy to start the year?

Global Insight 2024 Outlook highlights: Bonds are back

Whether the U.S. economy will tip into recession and with the return of bonds as an attractive complement to stocks, investors have much to consider in 2024.

The 2023 investment story: Elements of surprise

In a plot twist for equity markets, the expected pain in 2023 became gain. We explore five catalysts that turned the U.S. investment environment on its head.

Biodiversity: Investing in the world’s most important asset

Investments in solutions that fight nature and biodiversity loss are a vital step in curtailing climate change and nature-related risks.

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