Frédérique Carrier


Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy
RBC Europe Limited

I chose to work for RBC because I wanted to join a visionary company that makes every effort to do the right thing for clients, employees and the wider community.

Frédérique Carrier is managing director, head of Investment Strategy for RBC Wealth Management in the British Isles and Asia.

Frédérique is co-chair of RBC Wealth Management’s Global Portfolio Advisory Committee (GPAC), which establishes the asset allocation mix for all wealth clients worldwide. Based in London, she also formulates the equity strategy for the UK and Europe.

As a thought leader, Frédérique is a regular contributor to GPAC’s Global Insights Weekly and Global Insights Monthly publications. She also shares her insights on investment strategy on Bloomberg TV and CNBC monthly.

Frédérique started her career in London at BBVA Latinvest, where she spent five years as a sell-side analyst covering Latin American equities. At Invesco, she was a fund manager for global emerging markets and global equities for seven years. She then managed global and European equity mandates for wealth clients at Williams de Broë Singer and Friedlander before joining RBC in 2011.

Frédérique holds a Bachelor of Commerce with joint Honours in Economics and Finance from McGill University (Montreal) and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario. She’s also an Associate of the Society of Investment Professionals.

Frédérique's insights

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