Join speakers from our RBC Emerging Artists series, Deconstructing the Art World, in partnership with RBC, Masterpiece and Sotheby’s Institute of Art as we discuss the key questions that the series explored.

Join us to learn more about the geopolitical consequences on the global economic outlook due to the pandemic and ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Hear from Tessa Clarke, co-founder and CEO of OLIO, an app designed to help combat food waste, on how we can stop a third of all the food we produce from being thrown away.

Listen as Dr. Ayesha Khanna, CEO and co-founder of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence solutions firm and incubator, shares her insights on how technology is shaping our cities and lives, and its potential to bridge the digital divide.

Join Dr. Eliza Filby, Intergenerational Expert and Lucy Kellaway, Journalist and Educator, as they share their perspectives on the post Covid-19 work environment, new expectations and how lifelong learning will continue to take up a bigger part of our lives.

Katherine Waller, MD, RBC Wealth Management, hosts an expert panel including Camilla Dell, Black Brick, Jamie Morrison, HW Fisher, Zoe Longman and Burges Salmon as they discuss the buying trends that have come about as a result of Covid-19 and whether the current UK property market really is defying gravity.

In our final Rising Stars spring webinar, Faisal Manji, associate director, global manager research, discusses how this demographic is more than just ESG investing.

Our third webinar in the Rising Stars series hosted by Faisal Manji, associate director, global manager research, speaks with our associates to discuss how Millennials are targeting their philanthropic efforts.

Faisal Manji, Associate Director Research, sits down with our rising stars to discuss investing, sustainability and the future of the world’s population in 2100.

Watch as Faisal Manji, Associate Director Research, hosts our first spring series of rising stars where we discuss the rise of female CEO's, investors and entrepreneurs.

Chaired by Guy Huntrods, hear from RBC’s Frédérique Carrier and Peter Schaffrik, as they discuss the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on the economy and the investment landscape for the UK’s next chapter, in 2021.

RBC Wealth Management’s new Head of Investments, Juan Aronna hosts Eric Lascelles and David Storm, as they discuss the most important and impactful macro investment trends and themes for 2021.

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