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Helping clients thrive

Clare, Vikram and Steve take a people-focused approach to their everyday work. Hear how helping clients thrive is part of RBC’s purpose and at the centre of everything we do.

Helping communities prosper

Alison, Alex and Andy share RBC’s passion for helping communities prosper. We understand the value of investing in our local communities and the positive impact it has on people both inside and outside of the organisation.

Global mobility

Thinking of relocating for an exciting opportunity? Hear from Rupert and Stuart on how RBC supported their career moves.

Becoming a leader

Gail, Mo and Lisa have all had diverse career journeys – from marketing to trust, and sales to AI. RBC’s commitment to professional development has helped them achieve their aspirations and become leaders in the business.

Career development

Looking for your next big career opportunity? Learn how Kofi and Phil’s ambitions were supported and how strong networks helped to accelerate their careers.

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We asked our employees to describe their experience of working at RBC in one word.

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