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Having a plan behind your business or investment is never an afterthought. Similarly, being strategic about how you give back can help increase the true impact you make.

More people are looking for ways to give back. But how do you get started with philanthropic giving? Discover how some of the UK’s most prominent philanthropists approach giving, using the entrepreneurial spirit to fuel change.

The expert perspectives

Giving back journeys: Sir Tom Hunter & Fran Perrin

Philanthropists Sir Tom Hunter and Fran Perrin discuss their unique journeys; finding better ways to measure the impact of their giving and sharing important lessons learned.

How to be a philanthropist: Learn how to break the mould and make a difference

Sir Tom Hunter shares his journey from successful businessman to dedicated benefactor and Fran Perrin discusses what it takes to break the mould as a young innovative philanthropist.

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Philanthropy articles

Charitable giving

Collaborative philanthropy: How the next generation is teaming up to create lasting change

A new generation of passionate changemakers are hoping to take on collaborative philanthropy. Here are some tips to making a greater impact.

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Charitable giving

Five things to think about when giving away wealth

Anyone who has the desire to give away their time, or their money, should ask themselves some important questions.

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New wealth rising

The shifting landscape of global wealth

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Expert viewpoints

“One of the most fulfilling things to do is to set out and help people and see that your money, your counsel, your time has actually made a difference.”

Sir Tom Hunter
Entrepreneur & Hunter Foundation founder
Fran Perrin smiling
Expert viewpoints

“In investment, we’re quite comfortable talking about a ‘balanced portfolio’ so I started asking, can I do that? Can I be someone who says across the portfolio of grants that I make, I want X% to be risk innovative, risk taking…”

Fran Perrin
Philanthropist, founder & director of Indigo Trust