Women and wealth transfer

The influence of women on building the family legacy


Women have a powerful impact on family wealth and the transfer of assets to the next generation. This report, the first of four in our wealth transfer series, looks at how women build, preserve and pass on their family legacy.

Key findings:
  • Women are the critical decision-makers in matters of family wealth and educating their children about money
  • Women take a collaborative approach to financial knowledge and management, and look to a broad range of sources for advice and support

How do women improve their knowledge of wealth and money?

Seek knowledgeable individuals

Conduct their own research

Manage their own investments


The facts on women and wealth transfer


have full or joint responsibility for overseeing the family investment portfolio


silhouette of teenagers

are confident their children would be able to grow their wealth if they inherited tomorrow


dollar sign

have a comprehensive wealth transfer plan in place

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