Writing the next chapter

An entrepreneur’s guide to selling your business

Selling a business is one of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur will ever make. It can take years to build a successful business, so it is important to take time when writing the next chapter of your journey.
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Chris’s story

Watch RBC Wealth Management client and co-founder of Arbor Ventures, Chris Mathias, share his experience as a business owner and what it was like when he sold his first company.

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Selling your business articles

Your business

Are you ready to sell your business?

Exiting a business isn’t merely about putting up a “for sale” sign. It requires careful mental and financial planning.

3 minute read
Your business

Preparing to sell your business

Key things to consider when putting together an exit strategy.

4 minute read
Your business

Creating a strategy for selling your business

Understanding your company’s assets and having a solid plan in place will help to ensure the best possible sale price.

4 minute read
Your business

What you need to know about the final stage of selling your business

The preferred route for the sale of your business can create its own challenges.

4 minute read