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We’ve seen changes to the way we live, work and travel – giving many the time to reflect on the real impact we’re having on our planet and society. Investing for impact can help address imminent global issues and provide long-term returns.

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In this series, we uncover what impact investing is and how it differs from ESG. Learn how business leaders are evolving sustainable practices and why impact measurement is at the core of this movement.

Expert perspectives

Steve Howard – On the future of sustainability & business

IKEA’s former chief sustainability officer, discusses how he has led organisations through change, with a focus on how impact investing has evolved and what the future of business will look like.

Martin McCourt – Growing green tech ideas in Britain

Dyson’s former CEO Martin McCourt, shares how his experience scaling Dyson from one product to a global brand has helped him grow green tech ideas.

Steve Howard speaking into mic

Q&A with Steve Howard – IKEA’s former chief sustainability officer

Leading sustainability for one of the largest household brands in the world isn’t an easy task. Steve Howard, who was at the helm of IKEA’s sustainability business for nearly a decade, met with RBC to share lessons he learned in his journey to help IKEA bring sustainability to the core of its business.

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Investing for impact articles


The growth of impact investing: Building wealth with positive outcomes

We explain what impact investing is and what types of investments fall within it.

6 minute read

How to measure impact investing and the growth of green bonds

Is there a way to ensure that your investments have a positive impact on the world? How do you measure impact?

3 minute read

Former Dyson CEO Martin McCourt shares why he’s investing in green technologies

Martin McCourt was an angel investor for two alternative energy projects. He talks to us about how he continues to drive change.

4 minute read

Why ESG investing is on the rise

Even before COVID-19, sustainable investing was becoming a hot topic. Learn about the importance of companies that pursue sustainable goals.

3 minute read
Steve Howard speaking into mic
Expert viewpoints

“We are in a new era where sustainability is a must-do. If we want to care about the future, it requires each and every one of us to play our part.”

Steve Howard
IKEA’s former chief sustainability officer
Martin McCourt in front of london bridge
Expert viewpoints

“As an investor in green technologies, I have to be selective. Do I think that really makes a difference? Do I like it? And, how passionate are the people?”

Martin McCourt
Dyson’s former CEO & Chairman of Lightfoot