With global financial interests come global banking needs, from managing complex cross-border family and business interests to undertaking international transactions. We offer a suite of international banking solutions to complement your wealth portfolio, spanning bank accounts, cards, payments and foreign exchange.

Card services and accounts

To meet your international banking requirements, we offer access to debit, credit and charge cards in multiple currencies, enabling you to settle transactions or make payments outside of your home country. Subject to eligibility, you can choose from a wide selection of cards and accounts, including:

  • Executive Plus
    The Executive Plus Account is an interest-bearing, instant-access account suited to the needs of those with international lifestyles. Available in a wide range of currencies, the account typically comes with an RBC Wealth Management Visa Gold Debit Card.
  • Visa Gold Debit Card
    When you open an Executive Plus Account, you will be offered a RBC Wealth Management Visa Gold debit card, which enables you to settle transactions in over 200 countries around the world. It also means you can withdraw cash from any of the two million Visa ATMs globally.
  • Visa Credit Cards
    RBC Visa Credit Cards are available in U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars, subject to availability.

We also offer a range of American Express charge cards in U.S. dollars, euros and sterling.

  • The Gold Card® from American Express
    This product is suitable for clients who are frequent travellers and want access to a competitive loyalty scheme.
  • The Platinum Card® from American Express
    This product is suitable for clients who want superior travel benefits for family and friends. It also offers unlimited use of VIP airport lounges and up to five free supplementary cards.
  • The Centurion Card® from American Express
    Centurion Membership is by invitation only. Please speak to your Wealth Manager for more detail.

International payment services

If you regularly make cross-border payments, our robust and reliable payment services may be right for you. In addition to providing access to facilities such as wire transfers (SWIFT, CHAPS), BACS payments and banker’s drafts, you can also make online payments using our Internet banking services.

Fixed Term Deposit Account

With our Fixed Term Deposit Account, you can hold funds on deposit for a chosen period of time at an interest rate specified at the outset. Available with a variety of maturity dates and in a broad range of currencies.

Foreign exchange services

Many of our banking solutions include a foreign exchange service covering a wide range of other currencies. Subject to eligibility, we can also offer more complex FX products such as FX forward contracts.

Online access to your accounts

With our online services, you can access your accounts whenever you wish. View your holdings, make payments, conduct inter-account transfers and execute foreign exchange transactions all in one convenient place.

**Please note: The solutions and products referenced may not be available in your specific geographical region.

Your eligible deposits with Royal Bank of Canada (London Branch) and RBC Europe Limited are protected up to the FSCS compensation limit by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK's deposit protection scheme. Most deposits are covered by the scheme.

From 30 January 2017, the FSCS compensation limit is £85,000.

Any deposits you hold above the FSCS compensation limit are unlikely to be covered, unless under specific circumstances, as determined by the FSCS.

For more information on the scheme, please refer to the Information Sheet and Exclusions Lists below  or visit

FSCS Information Sheet RBC Europe Limited
FSCS Information Sheet Royal Bank of Canada (London Branch)
FSCS deposit protection information sheet


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