2020 Vision

The next decade of wealth

As the world evolves at pace, what does that mean for you?

The start of this new decade has brought some of the biggest changes and challenges the world has ever seen. As we navigate this new reality, individuals and families are faced with decisions and choices that will affect their legacy, and the future…for years to come. Join us as we share insights on the topics of legacy and wealth transfer, impact investing and philanthropy.


Thinking about the future of your family and the protection of your assets can be daunting. Being prepared and well informed can help bring peace of mind amidst uncertainty. Understand what it means to define a legacy, what your peers are prioritising and how the needs and wants of the next generation are shaping the future for us all.

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“Gen Z are digital natives who've grown up with the world's network, market and knowledge in their pocket…But these digital natives also value face-to-face contact more than any other cohort.”

Dr. Eliza Filby
Author and generational expert

Legacy & wealth planning articles

Wealth planning

Transferring wealth: Customising a plan for modern families and the next generation

With changing social attitudes, wealth transfer plans should be personalised to meet the new needs of the next generation.

4 minute read
Business owners

Succession-planning tips for your family business

Knowing when to start succession planning is one of the biggest challenges. Lay the groundwork now to help plot a transition to the next generation.

5 minute read
Wealth protection

Seven wealth planning strategies for turbulent markets

Your plan should be your focus, not the market. Review your strategies and make sure they reflect your current risk appetite and your goals.

5 minute read
Wealth protection

Do you have an insurance plan? Tips for protecting your family wealth

Planning for income replacement should be a part of your long term financial plan. Learn how insurance could help.

5 minute read