Lauri Droster receives RBC Wealth Management’s Gail Winslow Award



MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (November 7, 2018) – RBC Wealth Management’s Lauri Droster, director of the Madison, WI branch, recently received the company’s 2018 Gail Winslow Award. The honor recognizes women at the firm who demonstrate exemplary efforts to help attract, support and retain women clients and financial advisors. Droster, who leads the Droster Team, was presented the award at the firm’s Women’s Association of Financial Advisor’s (WAFA) annual conference.

“As a leader Lauri is passionate about helping all women grow in the field of financial services and she is constantly looking for ways to do just that,” said Tom Sagissor, president of RBC Wealth Management – U.S. “Lauri effortlessly juggles branch management duties while leading a top-producing team, and still makes time to help empower women.”

“Lauri’s accomplishments are outstanding when it comes to the development of her team, client service, mentoring countless female advisors (both within and outside the complex), and commitment to our firm,” added Doug Artus, director of the Milwaukee complex. “Her dedication to the professional development and advancement of women will ensure RBC’s success going forward.”

Droster and her team strive to empower women to be educated financial consumers. One of the ways they achieve this is by hosting a women’s educational event each year, which brings women and top professionals from the community together. Not only were women from Droster’s branch invited, but she also extended the invitation to all female financial advisors and senior financial associates in her complex, as well as female advisors from other firms in Madison.

Droster’s dedication to helping women succeed has also been demonstrated through her involvement with WAFA, which has supported women at RBC Wealth Management for 27 years. Droster served on the WAFA Board of Directors for seven years, two of which as president.

This is not the first award Droster has received as a result of her efforts to support women in the workplace. She received the Athena International Award in 2011 for women who have achieved excellence in their profession, devoted time and effort in their communities to improve the quality of life of others, and actively helped women realize their full leadership potential. In 2016, she also received the RBC Wealth Management Branch Director’s Diversity Award for her efforts to improve diversity at the firm through recruitment and by helping women achieve success at RBC.

The WAFA Gail Winslow Award was established in honor of Gail Winslow, a former RBC Wealth Management financial advisor, who was a trailblazer for 60 years in the financial services industry. She led many financial advisors and clients to paths of opportunity and success through her motto “clients come first.”

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