Alan Robinson


Vice President
Global Portfolio Manager

Alan Robinson joined RBC Wealth Management in 2006 as a regional equity analyst based in Seattle. He now co-manages the firm’s guided portfolio of international stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges.

He serves on RBC Wealth Management’s Global Portfolio Advisory Committee (GPAC), which provides strategic analysis of financial markets and guidance on asset allocation and portfolio construction. As a committee member, Alan is responsible for currency strategy and market commentary. He also serves the firm’s tactical portfolio and global stock portfolio committees. He speaks widely on a range of economic issues, and domestic and international stock market strategies.

With more than three decades of experience in financial markets, Alan has worked in London and Hong Kong, where he traded currency and credit derivatives. He’s also worked in Microsoft’s treasury department. Prior to joining RBC, Alan was the director of research for Seattle-based investment bank Delafield Hambrecht Inc.

Alan earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Imperial College, London, and holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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