Kelly Bogdanova


Vice President, Portfolio Analyst
Portfolio Advisory Group – U.S.

Kelly Bogdanova is vice president and portfolio analyst at RBC Wealth Management and specializes in equity market strategy. Specifically, she analyzes how macro events, economic conditions, fiscal issues and monetary policies impact the stock market and sectors.

She serves as co-chair of RBC Wealth Management’s Global Portfolio Advisory Committee (GPAC), which provides strategic analysis of financial markets and asset allocation guidance. Kelly regularly authors GPAC’s Global Insight Weekly strategy report and contributes to the Global Insight monthly. She also writes thematic reports about timely investment topics. As a member of the U.S. Investment Committee, she helps determine equity allocations and manage multi-asset class portfolios.

In 1999, Kelly began her securities industry career at Sutro & Co., a San Francisco–based firm. She joined RBC Wealth Management in 2002 when it acquired Sutro.

Kelly earned concurrent Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Journalism degrees at the University of Missouri. She has passed the Series 7, 63, 86, and 87 securities exams.

Kelly's insights

Inside the S&P 500: Time to pass the baton?


While mega-cap tech stocks have dominated U.S. equity performance so far this year, recently the rest of the market has been trying to take the baton. We discuss the main factors needed to make a clean handoff.

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The fine, frustrating U.S. equity rally

The U.S. stock market rally continues to outdo itself. But several factors make for a more nuanced narrative. We assess the backdrop framing the rally and how to position equity portfolios.

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The push and the pull of U.S. earnings

Q1 results have brought a mix of highlights and lowlights. We examine these opposing forces, how the Magnificent 7 narrative may change in coming quarters, and how to calibrate equity exposure in this unique period.

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U.S. equity rally realities

It’s been a nearly unprecedented winning streak for U.S. stocks. But in this heady atmosphere there are vulnerabilities to keep top of mind. We dig into these, and how to position portfolios to balance the risks and opportunities.

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2024 earnings: The likely convergence of the “haves and have nots”

As all eyes focus on Q1 earnings results, we think the full-year earnings growth trajectory is more important. Growth rates for the Magnificent 7 and non-Mag 7 stocks are expected to converge, but some earnings risks remain.

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Key things to know about U.S. elections

As presidential elections have become more contentious, perceptions have risen that the stock market’s fate can hang in the balance depending on who wins. There are four principles investors should keep in mind.

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Is the U.S. equity market getting bubbly again?

A growing chorus on Wall Street is warning an AI-led bubble may be forming. While a near-term pullback can’t be ruled out, we argue this is not Tech Bubble 2.0.

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