Trust and fiduciary

You’ve worked hard to build and grow your wealth; it’s only natural to put in place measures to protect it. Exposure to different tax and legal requirements, change in your marital status and unforeseen claims and liabilities, are among the many events in life that have the potential to complicate your financial and business goals. Using trusts and other fiduciary solutions, we can help you preserve your wealth both for your benefit and the benefit of generations to come.


A trust is a legal relationship created when you (the settlor) transfer ownership of certain assets to another person or company (the trustee). The trustee then manages and administers those assets in the best interests of other persons that may include you.

As you’ve separated yourself from the legal ownership of the assets, they no longer form part of your personal estate. This arrangement can help you:

Provide for your heirs

Enjoy peace of mind by planning for your wealth to pass to your chosen heirs in a timely and confidential way, consistent with your wishes.

Preserve and protect your wealth

Minimise the impact of unforeseen life events, claims and other liabilities on the value and structure of your estate.

Enjoy privacy over your business and financial interests

Keep details regarding the value of your estate and perhaps the identity of your chosen heirs confidential both during your lifetime and after your death.

Manage your estate

Free yourself of the time and many of the concerns that go with managing a large personal estate, particularly where you have assets in multiple countries.


Often used in conjunction with trusts, a company is an independent legal entity that can own property and transact in its own name. The key characteristic of a company is limited liability, which means the owner’s liability is limited to the amount invested.


A foundation is defined as an independent legal entity with a constitution and board of directors. Control over the foundation resides with the board, and may be impacted by an agreement between you (as the founder) and the board. It is by taking assets outside your personal estate and transferring legal title to the foundation that delivers many of the same benefits as trusts.

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