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In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, staying up to date with new information and shifting trends can often be a difficult task. In all aspects of life, from the economy and financial education, to technology and the labour market, to health and well-being, there are countless considerations to factor into your wealth planning and overall visions for the future.

In this issue of Perspectives, we focus on the importance of education to help you and your family be confident and proactive with your financial decision-making. Recognizing the historic population shift currently taking place in Canada, this issue features an article on senior health and healthcare that focuses in on the realities many Baby Boomers may face and the importance of protecting yourself with careful planning. In “The power of choice,” we also discuss the importance of having a valid Power of Attorney and considerations for choosing the right individual to act on one’s behalf.

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This issue also highlights our recently launched RBC Wealth Management Financial Literacy program. This program has been designed to address the gap that currently exists for when and how younger generations are exposed to financial learning, also recognizing that it’s never too early — or too late — to build sound financial management skills. Tying into the RBC Wealth Management Financial Literacy program, this issue also includes an engaging piece for teens and Millennials that explores six financial literacy principles: Budgeting, Taxation, Borrowing, Financial Planning, Investing and Estate Planning.

With the proposed tax changes for private corporations in Canada, we also provide a basic guide that outlines those changes and what impacts they may have for many business owners. In addition, we discuss timing considerations for wealth transfer, as well as incorporating charitable and philanthropic giving into your wealth transfer plans.

Finally, in “Boosting safety in an online-driven world,” we focus on the growth of the digital world and the importance for individuals of every age group to be aware of the associated risks.

As always, I encourage you to speak with your RBC Wealth Management advisor about any of the articles and topics covered in this edition and to learn more about RBC’s wealth management strategies and how they can benefit you and your family, now and into the future.

David Agnew, CEO
RBC Wealth Management Canada