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A tradition of trust

Part of RBC Wealth Management, RBC Royal Trust has a strong history and has been proudly serving clients in Canada since 1899.

About RBC Wealth Management

We provide individuals, families and businesses with valuable estate, trust and incapacity services, tailored to their specific needs.

Located across Canada, RBC Royal Trust professionals work with you to address what’s important to you and your family. We’re sensitive to the complexities of your unique needs and family dynamics, and clients appreciate how we approach each situation with compassion and impartial guidance.

Our commitment to you

125 Years of Trust

Our clients are often dealing with unique and complex issues, and they want a personal relationship with a skilled advisor who can deliver tailored, thoughtful solutions.

To help you preserve, protect and transfer your wealth, our experienced professionals bring their in-depth knowledge of trust, estate and tax law. You can appoint RBC Royal Trust to various roles in your estate and trust plans, and rely on our continued advice and support every step of the way.

Matters Beyond Wealth Podcast available now

Hosted by Leanne Kaufman, president and CEO of RBC Royal Trust, Matters Beyond Wealth focuses on estate planning, healthy aging and wealth insights to help Canadians plan for today and their future.

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Whether you are planning for your own estate, the needs of your family or business, or you are an executor for a loved one’s estate, we can help guide you, simplify the complex and support your life’s vision.

RBC Royal Trust solutions

Have more peace of mind around the management of your affairs knowing your plans are in place. Our RBC Royal Trust professionals are skilled specialists committed to excellence in their field, and will follow a disciplined process to tailor a solution for your unique needs and family circumstances.

Trust and estate services

Estate solutions

Have the help and guidance you need when acting as an executor for a loved one’s estate or choosing one for your own estate.

Trust solutions

Protect and provide for your loved ones now and into the future in a tax-efficient manner while providing guidance over how the trust assets are used.

Incapacity solutions

Be prepared. Appoint someone as your attorney for property to take care of your financial assets and affairs should you become unable to do so, or get help if you’ve been appointed.

Indigenous Wealth services

Protect, preserve and further your settlement offers to meet your community’s goals for current and future generations.

Registered plans trustee services

Create a registered contribution plan to support the retirement and other savings goals of your employees.

Retirement compensation arrangements

Incorporate enhanced retirement and pension benefits to help retain and attract quality employees.

Escrow services

An escrow arrangement can help manage risk and ensure that financial or other obligations are met.

Philanthropic services

Create a lasting legacy through a private foundation or a donor-advised fund to make a positive impact on your community and carry your (and your family’s) giving values into the future.

The Wealthy Barber’s ageless estate planning advice

This video is part of the Estate planning: What’s changed and what hasn’t video series created in collaboration between RBC Royal Trust and David Chilton.

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Let us guide you

Contact one of our skilled RBC Royal Trust professionals to find out more about the right services for you.

How we work with you

By taking the time to understand your needs, we can help guide you through your important decisions. At RBC Royal Trust, we have a reputation for trust, fiduciary insight and personalized client service. As our client, you also have access to the full range of RBC Wealth Management services and solutions.

Our personalized approach helps you achieve your goals and protect your legacy.

Explore our resources and tools

To help you make more informed decisions, RBC Royal Trust offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Discover guides, articles, checklists and client stories on how we can help protect and transfer your wealth.

Estates and trusts

Gain a better understanding of the steps, procedures and responsibilities involved, whether you’re appointed to act or looking to appoint someone.