Investment management

Investment strategy

Have confidence knowing your investments are working towards your goals while you focus on what matters most to you.

Your primary investment objective may be one of many things: to preserve your wealth, derive a regular income or achieve strong, inflation-beating growth. The ideal investment portfolio reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon, asset class preferences and plans for you, your family and your career or business.

At RBC Wealth Management, we take the time to understand you, your goals and how we can best work together.

Choose to delegate your investment management to us

If you’re too busy to maintain a high level of ongoing involvement in managing a portfolio or prefer a more hands-off approach, discretionary investment management may be right for you.

Using a dynamically driven asset allocation based on economic and market trends and our proprietary risk scorecard, we make decisions on your behalf – while ensuring the focus remains on the objectives of your customized investment strategy.

Choose to manage your investments with our help

If you want to be more involved in the management of your investment portfolio, you may prefer to use our advisory service.

We can help you develop your investment strategy while providing expertise and advice, encompassing portfolio construction, asset allocation and re-investment suggestions.

Insights, research and asset class specialists

As our client, you can also tap into a wealth of detailed research from across RBC’s global network. Benefit from access to in-house product specialists spanning the major asset classes, including:

  • Equities: Offers diversification by region, sector, theme and style, allowing you to select the appropriate level of risk for your appetite
  • Fixed income: Provides a wide range of investments whether you’re a conservative investor seeking wealth preservation or an investor looking for capital growth
  • Investment funds: A practical and cost-effective way to build a diversified portfolio of equities, bonds, alternatives or shorter-term investments
  • Structured products: A combination of a traditional investment – equities, currencies, bonds, commodities or funds – and one or more derivatives, which are structured into one securitized instrument that can be customized to your risk profile and market conditions

With our team of professionals guiding you, we make sure your investment strategy suits your circumstances and needs for now and in the future.

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Discover how RBC Wealth Management can help you manage your investment portfolio.

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