Credit services

Access financing while maintaining the integrity of your portfolio and financial plan with strategic credit solutions.

You may be looking to fund a major purchase, invest in a new business, refinance debt or secure the right financing arrangement to suit your needs. Whatever your goals, we can provide various credit solutions suited to your immediate and longer-term objectives.

At RBC Wealth Management, we provide in-depth knowledge, guidance and experience in the complexities of global wealth management to help you make informed decisions. Your relationship manager will work with one of our dedicated credit specialists to create your credit solution.

Financing your needs

Strategically leverage your investment portfolio

Using client-customized Lombard credit solutions, you can optimize your investment portfolio. Our credit specialists will work closely with you to structure a bespoke credit strategy to help you achieve your wealth goals.1

Purchasing a property

We offer real estate financing for residential property in select prime locations within Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia. Our credit specialists will work closely with you to ensure you receive a tailored solution, whether to diversify your property portfolio or have a new place to call home.2

Refinancing existing debt

As an individual with an extensive financial portfolio, you may find you need to restructure existing debt to help create value. We offer a wide range of flexible credit solutions through secured term loans and revolving lines of credit available in major currencies including U.S., Canadian, Singapore and Hong Kong dollars.

Managing unexpected costs

Suppose you’re suddenly faced with a considerable, unexpected cost. Our credit specialists can work with you and your relationship manager to identify how to best use your wealth to structure a personalized credit solution to meet your unanticipated needs.

Investing in your passion

Live life to the fullest. We can help you to establish the most efficient and beneficial means of using your existing wealth, by creating a customized credit solution to purchase an investment of passion – from luxury cars to works of art.

Financing life insurance solutions

The purchase of life insurance can be an essential tool for personal estate planning, charitable giving and business purposes. RBC Wealth Management can provide you, your private investment company or a trust with funds to pay the premium and acquire a life insurance policy.

Financing the life insurance premiums with a loan from RBC Wealth Management allows you to purchase life insurance without liquidating investments and other assets or experiencing material changes to your cash flows.

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Revolving lines of credit

Use revolving lines of credit for a range of financing purposes, from liquidity management and portfolio leverage to debt refinancing and risk management.1 We offer multi-currency lines of credit – secured by cash, investments or other forms of collateral.

Standby letters of credit and guarantees

In certain circumstances, we can offer standby letters of credit, which provide a bank guarantee of payment to a third party on your behalf. As with our other solutions, we require suitable collateral with an appropriately assigned lending value.

1 Leverage/gearing increases risks significantly. A relatively small market movement will have proportionally larger impact on the funds you have invested or may have to invest. Marked to market changes and a variety of factors can have significant adverse impact on the value of the investment. Losses related to such market movements may be greater in value than your investments and collateral provided. Standard margin top-up and sell-out rules will apply and you may be required at short notice to make additional margin deposits or liquidate your position at a significant loss and in such circumstances, there is a risk that you could lose all or part of your investment. Further, if you are asked to deposit additional margin, the amount requested can be substantial in poor market conditions adding liquidity pressure to your portfolio.

It is important to note that the capital value of, and income from, any investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

2 Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Make the most of your opportunities

Discuss strategic financing solutions with an RBC Wealth Management relationship manager.

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