Are you prepared for what may come next? By having an estate plan, your wealth can help secure your family's financial future and support the charities, organizations and causes that matter to you.

Create your estate plan

At RBC Wealth Management, we can help you create an estate plan to map out how your estate and assets will be distributed upon your death. Your estate plan reflects your unique needs, wants and wishes. It may help:

  • Provide a smooth transition of wealth and property to your beneficiaries
  • Avoid the time, expense and publicity of probate
  • Mitigate the potential cross-border estate tax exposure or provide funds to cover anticipated estate tax liabilities
  • Keep a business, property or cherished asset in the family
  • Transfer wealth efficiently from one generation to the next
  • Ensure funds are distributed to intended heirs and charities according to your wishes
  • Fulfill your philanthropic goals and create your personal legacy

To be effective, your estate plan needs to reflect your current circumstances, family arrangements and geographic locations – especially as life evolves and your needs change.

Choose an executor

When planning your estate and creating your Will, choosing an executor is an important decision. You can name anyone, such as a family member or friend, a trust company, lawyer or accountant. However, choosing the wrong person could prove costly to your estate and cause – or intensify – family conflicts.

Executor services

Partnering with an experienced professional to manage your estate can help provide peace of mind about how your final wishes will be carried out. At RBC Wealth Management, we can work with you to assess and guide you through the tasks and responsibilities your executor will face.

You can rely on our experience in handling sensitive family issues with compassion and objectivity. We can also tap into the extensive resources of RBC to ensure your estate is settled with the benefit you want for your beneficiaries.

Create the legacy you envision with help from an RBC Wealth Management relationship manager.