Women and wealth

Empowering women to reach new financial heights

It’s time to make money conversations more common among women.

While female financial confidence in money management is higher than ever, women still face unique challenges as they seek to achieve their financial goals. It’s time to take charge of your financial future.

Research shows

American women are leading the way as business owners and entrepreneurs. They oversee household purchasing decisions and control the majority of wealth. Despite these gains, women still face unique challenges that make planning a priority

Wealth rising

Women now control 52% of wealth, which is expected to grow to an estimated two-thirds by 2030.

National Association of Women Business Owners, 2017.

Planning needs

Only about half of women feel confident about managing investments compared to more than two-thirds of men.

BMO Financial Group, 2023.

Money control

Women are adding to their assets at a rate of $5 trillion per year globally.

Boston Consulting Group, Women in Wealth, Managing the Next Decade of Women’s Wealth, 2020.

Insights for women and wealth

From finance to construction, sectors historically led by men are benefiting from a female perspective.

Giving more than money: How women are changing philanthropy

Charitable giving7 minute read

Power of the purse: How women can use their economic power to spend with purpose

Wealth planning5 minute read

The cost of caregiving falls disproportionately on women


Women tend to be the primary caregivers for aging parents and spouses. Nearly two-thirds of dementia caregivers in the United States are female.

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Women’s economic gains and unfinished business of the 19th Amendment

Wealth planning

The advancement of women in the workforce – and in their own homes – directly translates into influence and prosperity, fueling the nation’s economy.

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Business owners in times of crisis: How women can chart new careers

Your business

Three female entrepreneurs who saw opportunity in inopportune times were rewarded for the risks they took.

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Health and wealth: Why investing in your wellness now will help you in the future

Wealth planning

A financial advisor is like a personal trainer. With links between financial fitness and physical health, it pays to take a preventative approach.

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How to turn unhealthy money mindsets into smart financial decisions

Wealth planning

Beliefs about spending and wealth often form during childhood and can fuel negative financial behaviors. Thankfully, these habits can be changed.

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Five steps for raising financially confident girls

Financial literacy

Kids in elementary school can learn about saving if you make it fun and visual. Teach basic investing early to instil healthy financial habits.

5 minute read

As women age with longevity on
their side, the financial future is

Wealth planning

Baby Boomer women often make choices for themselves, children, spouses and parents – and their economic influence can no longer be overlooked.

4 minute read

Women’s financial confidence
more than 100 years after the
right to vote

Wealth planning

Despite progress since the 19th Amendment, there’s still a deficit in financial confidence among women.

5 minute read

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