Cybersecurity: Secure your information

Keep your online information secure

As technology continues to improve, so do potential threats. Here are some tips to help keep your online financial experience safe and secure:

  • If a website doesn’t look valid, play it safe. Don’t sign in or enter any personal information.
  • Never log in to an online site using a link sent through email, text or social media. Instead, type the address into your browser.
  • Always log off and close your browser when you finish your session. It’s also good practice to clear your browser’s memory cache regularly to improve security.
  • Don’t reveal your login information to anyone, even if they claim to be a representative of RBC Wealth Management. We will never ask you for that information by email, text or phone.
  • Always use a trusted computer. Never use public Wi-Fi for financial activities.
  • Keep your software up to date. Software companies routinely improve the security of their programs, so be sure you are using the latest version.