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Your life goals are our life’s work

Helping you build and protect wealth is just the beginning.

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How are Smart Cities meeting the challenges of urbanization in the 21st century?

As environmental pressures and infrastructure needs mount, high-tech solutions can enable urban sustainability and foster growth.

12 minute read
Your business

Seven cyber safety tips to protect your business

Be informed about and prepared for cyber security risks before they happen. Then you can concentrate more on growing your business.

5 minute read
Indigenous communities

Preparing Indigenous youth for a digital future

Over the next decade, 750,000 Indigenous youth will move through the education system and into early careers. What will they need to thrive?

8 minute read
Volume 9, 2021


Investment, tax and lifestyle perspectives from RBC Wealth Management Services

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For more than a century, RBC Wealth Management has provided trusted advice and solutions to individuals, families, institutions and charitable foundations. Put our award-winning global network to work for you.


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Highest-rated in Canada

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C$1.2 trillion

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Craig and Mary-Jane

“We feel like a curtain has been pulled back and there’s a whole set of resources available to us … we have this detailed plan now — it’s more like a life plan.”

Craig and Mary-Jane
Business owners, RBC Wealth Management clients

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Greg Cochrane

“The bank has become simplified for me because I just hand over most of the challenges we have … they give me peace of mind”

Greg Cochrane
Serial entrepreneur, CEO, RBC Wealth Management client

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Scott & Cynthia

“The investment world is so in-depth. Unless you’re on top of it, you’d better let the professionals manage it. And it gives us comfort that they take care of it.”

Scott & Cynthia
Empty-nesters and retirees, RBC Wealth Management clients

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Our experts

As a global leader in wealth management, we bring our diverse expertise and deep knowledge to the sophisticated financial needs of our clients around the world.

Tony Maiorino

Vice President & Director, Head
RBC Wealth Management Services

“In a time when answers to virtually every question are just a click away, people are unfortunately ignoring the fact that opinion is not the same as reputable expertise and advice. The value of proper wealth-management guidance cannot be overstated, as it encompasses your entire financial situation at each life stage.”

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Leanne Kaufman

President and CEO of RBC Royal Trust

“Seniors are the fastest growing age group in Canada. In 2011, five million Canadians were 65 or older, a number that will double in the next 25 years. As this number increases along with life expectancy, so do the complexities associated with aging, including health-related issues.”

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Eric Lascelles

Chief Economist
RBC Global Asset Management Inc.

“In retrospect, the decision to deliver fiscal stimulus during the worst of the economic downturn was inspired. Not only have bond markets reacted well, but international evidence has also congealed around the conclusion that every dollar borrowed generated two in economic benefits. So far, so good.”

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