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At RBC Wealth Management we understand the new challenges and complexities that arise when you and your family take advantage of international opportunities. That’s why we offer a globally-integrated approach to your wealth planning needs with a network based in the key cities in which you live, work and invest.

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Cross-border solutions that create peace of mind

Our cross-border solutions address what's most important to you:

  • Safeguard your wealth for the future wherever you and your family live
  • Transfer your wealth and legacy to the next generation across borders with ease
  • Ensure your children can explore educational opportunities abroad with comprehensive financial planning
  • Choose from an array of investment management solutions to help meet your personal and financial goals

“As a British expat working in Singapore, my finances are no simple matter. RBC Wealth Management has seamlessly transferred my assets between countries whilst providing tax efficient solutions that prepare me for the long run”

- David, a British corporate executive living in Asia for 7 years

The new look of legacy: Rising wealth in Asia meets the next generation

For Asia’s global families, legacy means passing on family values and an entrepreneurial spirit.

How will you define the mark you want to leave on the world?

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