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Make a positive difference for the people and causes you care about. Discover how giving can complement your wealth and legacy planning.

Charitable giving is a powerful way for you to create a legacy and carry your family name into the future. As a bonus, it’s a great financial tool for tax considerations and estate planning. An RBC Wealth Management financial advisor can help you include charitable giving as part of your overall wealth plan.

By including philanthropy and gift giving in the wealth planning process, you can create a living legacy to provide for your favorite organizations and loved ones. A legacy that offers support today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Define your giving plan

You’ve worked hard and invested carefully to achieve financial success. Sharing your good fortune with worthy causes that are meaningful to you can be an integral part of your wealth planning. Together, with your family, we can help define and plan your legacy.

We’ll guide you through philanthropic tools and strategies—some offering tax advantages—to help you plan for and schedule your charitable giving. These include:

  • Gifting appreciated securities
  • Contributing to donor advised funds
  • Establishing charitable trusts
  • Creating private family foundations
  • Purchasing life insurance
  • Donating remainder interest in a residence or vacation home

While supporting your philanthropic passions, your financial advisor can work with your legal professionals to update your estate planning documents. We’ll also work with your tax professionals to determine the best tax advantages for your charitable giving plan.

Create your family legacy

For your family, philanthropic and charitable giving may involve everyone from grandparents to grandchildren. Your financial advisor can work with the entire family to incorporate gifting into an overall wealth plan. This gives you a chance to connect with your children and grandchildren to identify a common mission for the family wealth.

Sharing your wealth is about more than means—it’s about making an impact. We can help you set up a philanthropic plan to define your legacy by sharing your wealth with the people and causes you care about—today and for years to come.

RBC Wealth Management does not provide tax or legal advice. All decisions regarding the tax or legal implications of your investments should be made in connection with your independent tax or legal advisor.

Fulfill your philanthropic goals

This Wealth Insights report is a practical guide to help you think comprehensively about your giving plan and identify actionable steps you can take to fulfill your philanthropic goals today, tomorrow and beyond.

Download the charitable giving wealth insights report

Make a lasting difference

Include a giving strategy in your plans with help from an RBC Wealth Management financial advisor.

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