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The value of having a strategic charitable giving plan in place

Planned philanthropic giving can help create a beautiful legacy.

Don’t fight (or fear) the Fed

The U.S. central bank is an incredibly powerful institution that can exert influence on essentially any U.S. dollar-denominated asset. However, we believe the Fed is also widely misunderstood.

Federal budget 2024: Key measures that may have a direct impact on you

We analyze the proposed federal budget measures, and the effect they may have on Canadians and their families.

How have you put your real estate into your estate plan?

Probate fees, underused housing tax and helping your child buy their first home—tips for managing real estate in your estate plan

U.S. equity rally realities

It’s been a nearly unprecedented winning streak for U.S. stocks. But in this heady atmosphere there are vulnerabilities to keep top of mind. We dig into these, and how to position portfolios to balance the risks and opportunities.

Women and wealth: The future is female

Although inroads have been made, women still experience a significant gender wage gap across the world.

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