Our thought leaders

We’re a team of specialists, contributors and innovators, committed to sharing our unique perspectives and insights with our clients close to home and around the globe.

Drawing on our diverse experience and in-depth knowledge of research, markets and industry trends, we highlight factors that may have an impact on our clients’ portfolios.

Our thought leaders

Tara Ambrose

Vice President, Senior Manager, Client Risk Prevention
RBC Wealth Management–U.S.

Kelly Bogdanova

Vice President, Portfolio Analyst
Portfolio Advisory Group – U.S.

Janet Engels

Portfolio Advisory Group – U.S.

Thomas Garretson, CFA

Senior Portfolio Strategist
Fixed Income Strategies
Portfolio Advisory Group – U.S.

Kent McClanahan

Head of Content Strategy & Responsible Investing,
Global Investments & Trading

Angie O’Leary

Head of Wealth Planning
RBC Wealth Management–U.S.

Bill Ringham

Vice President & Director
Private Wealth Strategies

Alan Robinson

Vice President
Global Portfolio Manager