Making a difference where we live and work

Community involvement

At RBC Wealth Management, wealth refers to more than finances. It includes a sense of well-being, belonging and prosperity in the communities where we live and work. Across all our efforts, we prioritize diversity and inclusion—and look for opportunities to lend our financial literacy expertise. Together, we use our time, talent and resources to create a meaningful impact in specific focus areas to inspire positive change.

Youth mental health and prosperity

The success of Canada’s youth benefits us all. We invest in mental health initiatives and programs that offer youth equitable access to skill- and career-building opportunities to help shape their future.


Climate change affects all communities. We’re committed to programs, initiatives and economic growth that promote a more sustainable path.

Older Canadians

At RBC Wealth Management, we’re dedicated to helping older Canadians prepare for, feel confident about and thrive in their senior years.

Economic female empowerment

Pushing through the barriers women may face strengthens our communities. We encourage and celebrate each step toward female empowerment, achievement and prosperity.

Arts and culture

The arts play an important role in building vibrant communities and strong economies. We offer support so emerging and experienced creators can thrive.

Healthy, prosperous communities

In the communities where we live and work, we extend support to programs for those in need. Offering food, shelter and other forms of relief helps make a difference for our most vulnerable community members.

Diversity and inclusion

We look for opportunities to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion—and promote a sense of belonging in everything we do.

How we support diversity and inclusion