Commodity / financial futures

RBC Dominion Securities provides the most comprehensive commodity/financial futures services of any investment firm in Canada, including expert advice and trade execution. For more information about commodity / financial futures at RBC Dominion Securities, please contact our Commodities Principal directly: George Corneil, Vice-President, at (416) 842-7956 or email

Key benefits

Explore the benefits of choosing RBC Dominion Securities for your commodity/financial futures needs:

We can meet a wide range of client needs

Our services can help businesses that produce or use commodities (such as agricultural products, metals and petroleum), as well as investors looking to manage certain risks:

  • If you produce a commodity, we can help you reduce the risk of price fluctuations through the use of commodity futures and options.
  • If your business uses a commodity to produce goods, we can help you gain greater cost certainty for that commodity through the futures market.
  • If you are a sophisticated investor, we can help you manage risk by adding an additional dimension of diversification beyond traditional asset classes.
  • If you are a Canadian and own a large U.S. stock portfolio, we can help you reduce or eliminate the risk of exchange rates through the use of foreign exchange futures.

Access to global future markets

RBC Dominion Securities offers access to all commodity futures exchanges globally. We also provide timely, efficient trade execution services so you can get the best prices available on the full range of futures and options, including:

  • Energy (crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, gasoline)
  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium)
  • Base metals (copper and aluminum)
  • Currencies
  • Financials (bonds, Eurodollars)
  • Stock indexes and single stock futures
  • Agriculture (cattle, hogs, soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, canola, feed wheat, feed barley)
  • Soft commodities (coffee, cocoa, orange juice)
  • Fibre (cotton, pulp, lumber)

Expert assistance, research and analysis

Trading in futures requires highly specialized knowledge. That’s why we offer these services exclusively through Investment Advisors specifically trained in this area. In order to provide advice on futures, our Investment Advisors must complete advanced coursework through the Canadian Securities Institute.

Your Investment Advisor also has access to leading commodity research advisors who provide insight on various commodity sectors and recommendations on hedge strategies.

Custom-designed solutions

Whether you’re an agricultural entrepreneur looking for a secure cash flow or a small business owner looking for cost certainty, your Investment Advisor can create a customized strategy that meets your needs.

Futures and options strategies range from the very basic to the very sophisticated. We also offer foreign exchange and commodity risk management products.

Our commodity/financial futures solutions could be ideal if you:

  • Are a sophisticated investor looking for an added dimension of diversification
  • Are a user or producer of a commodity and want to use hedging strategies to reduce the risk of unfavourable price changes in a certain commodity
  • Want to reduce the impact of currency fluctuations on your portfolio