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Year over year, and over the course of life, there’s a significant range of changes that every individual experiences — personally, professionally and financially. Some have a very large impact on an individual’s or a family’s anticipated path, whereas others necessitate just a small shift in approach. In some regards, part of the beauty of life is sometimes not knowing what adventure or opportunity may be around the corner; however, when it comes to ensuring the unknowns are accounted for and that objectives are met no matter what the future may hold, appropriate wealth planning plays a lead role. RBC Wealth Management now offers a new, integrated approach for individuals to identify, plan, track and help realize their wealth goals — myGPSTM.

Streamlining the process

Aptly named, the purpose behind myGPSTM is to provide individuals with personalized direction in their wealth planning. The name stands for “Goals, Priorities, Solutions,” which itself reinforces the focus behind its capabilities and the functionality it provides. With a back-to-basics approach, myGPSTM enables RBC advisors to identify an individual’s goals and helps them manage the life-changing events and milestones via a detailed and customizable client projection. Specifically, it zeroes in on overall planning aspects that everyone typically faces at some point, such as home ownership, retirement and estate planning, and at the same time better connects individuals with their RBC advisors to plot a customized course based on personal needs and circumstances.

The foundation of myGPSTM revolves around five relevant and common questions that Canadians typically have in regards to their long-term wealth planning. These questions span the areas of current financial situation, ensuring future lifestyle choices are adequately funded, providing for family should the unexpected happen, how change impacts future financial situations, and helping to ensure wealth goals become a reality. Information regarding these questions is input by the RBC advisor, and then customized client reports are created, providing an overview of the high-level financial picture, and how individuals are tracking towards their short- and long-term goals.

Building the client-advisor relationship

With growing trends in online services within the financial industry, myGPSTM provides a value-added option by offering a complementary channel for building the human relationships that are fundamental in successful wealth planning. myGPSTM simplifies the process of information collecting and storing, and then takes it one step further in using that information to generate potential opportunities and planning considerations that become important discussion points between the client and advisor. It’s here where the integrated approach of myGPSTM truly shines through. The design of the tool gives the RBC advisor a very clear, accurate, up-to-date snapshot of the individual’s situation, which in turn better enables them to bring expertise to the table with precise solutions and assistance in navigating the path towards achieving long-term goals.

Providing relevance for a wide user base

One of the key objectives of myGPSTM is to provide a simplified and effective wealth-planning projection for individuals across multiple stages of life. From young adults who are taking on more financial responsibility to those nearing or into their retirement years, the capabilities of myGPSTM have been built with everyone’s goals and needs in mind. However, further to individual planning, an additional feature of myGPSTM is planning functionality and solutions for business owners. In fact, one of the key questions in generating a personalized report addresses business survival in a major change or crisis and overall business succession planning.

Have you ever wondered…

What my financial future looks like?

With the help of an RBC advisor, myGPSTM provides an additional way for individuals and families to gain a more holistic view of their current and future financial situation. In doing so, it supports an important aspect of wealth planning, which is developing valuable insights into how to reach short- and long-term goals.

Current Net Worth

Personal Investable Assets

Personal Investable Assets

Personal Liabilities

Lifestyle Assets

Corporate Cash Surrender Value

Corporate Liabilities

Corporate Investable Assets

Corporate Other Assets

Net Worth

myGPSTM provides consolidated summaries showing your incomes, savings, expenses, investments, real estate and debt – your critical financial information presented in one document.

Current Cash Flow

Employment Income

Rental Income

Other Income

CPP/QPP & OAS Income

Pension Income

Non-Registered Distribution

Registered Distribution

Private Corp. Dividends

Expenses & Donations

Debt Payments


Reinvested Distribution

Income Taxes
Surplus / Deficit



If I live to be 90, will I have sufficient funds to maintain my current and/or desired lifestyle?

Based on the information provided, myGPSTM will project income, savings, taxes, expenses and the value of your assets into the future.

Projected Income and Distribution




CPP/QPP & OAS Income


Private Corp. Dividends



Tax-Free Proceeds


Cash Outflows

How does changing my financial assumptions impact my future financial situation?

It is impossible to know for certain what will happen tomorrow. To provide a financial projection, however, certain assumptions about what will happen in the economy have to be made. But what if some of those assumptions prove to be wrong? What if, for example, you were forced to retire early? Or perhaps you end up spending more in retirement. The myGPSTM Retirement Analysis allows you to independently change the assumptions you have made about the future to see how that change will affect your overall finances.

Retirement analysis
myGPS retirement analysis

Important areas to think about as part of planning

  • Considering any changes to family situation or dynamics and how this impacts any current financial and estate plans.
  • Reviewing overall investment portfolio with your professional advisor.
  • Identifying any health considerations or potential upcoming needs for you or your family members.
  • Forecasting any changes to professional status or timelines for retirement.
  • Reviewing overall retirement goals and lifestyle choices.
  • Identifying any large pending or expected expenditures, such as a vacation property, vehicle or family vacation, and budgeting accordingly.
  • Factoring in educational considerations for young family members, including children and grandchildren.
  • Identifying charitable and philanthropic goals.

The following examples are for illustrative purposes only.

Key timelines

Currently, myGPSTM is offered to clients of RBC Dominion Securities.

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