Jim Allworth

Investment Strategist
RBC Dominion Securities

Jim Allworth has been in the investment business for 51 years, both as a research analyst and portfolio strategist. He has been with RBC Dominion Securities for more than four decades, where he has developed investment policy for the firm and translated that into solutions for individual clients.

As an investment strategist, Jim utilizes RBC’s extensive global economic, political, and sector analysis to develop a strategic view on the expected direction of major financial markets.

Jim co-chairs the Global Portfolio Advisory Committee (GPAC) which provides strategic analysis of financial markets and establishes the asset allocation mix for clients worldwide. He regularly contributes to GPAC’s Global Insight monthly publication.

Jim is a graduate of Simon Fraser University, with a concentration in economics.

Jim's insights

High expectations for the U.S. equity market


Most major equity markets have moved to new high ground, propelled by expectations for interest rate cuts. But we are not out of the woods yet.

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Global Insight 2024 Outlook: Investing for a new reality

As equity investors face continuing challenges, an elevated bond yield environment has changed the equation.

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A durable equity rally faces strengthening headwinds

Stock markets have kept climbing off their 2022 lows for longer than expected. Is it time to consider repositioning equity portfolios?

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Rallies, recessions, and realistic thinking

The S&P 500’s surge over the past nine months doesn’t feel to us like the start of a new bull market, but rather like the last leg of the current rally.

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