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Settling an estate is a complex task of carrying out someone’s final wishes expressed in their Will. If you are considering naming someone as executor of your estate or if you are an executor yourself, we can help.

RBC Royal Trust can act as sole executor, co-executor with a family member, or as agent for executor to carry out a person’s wishes. The duties of an executor may include:

Last wishes

Arrange for a funeral, memorial, cremation or burial as required

Probate1 the Will

Apply for probate, pay probate taxes, obtain copies of the grant of probate

Safeguard estate assets

Locate and protect all estate assets, including investments, real estate, life insurance, pension benefits and digital assets

Family dynamics

Help ensure challenging family issues are dealt with compassionately, fairly, professionally and objectively

Tax preparation/filing

Handle tax matters related to the estate and the deceased in a timely manner and ensure opportunities to minimize tax are explored

Identify debts/liabilities

Identify and settle all legitimate debts and liabilities of the deceased and estate

Distribute the estate

Pay legacies, other bequests and the residue of the estate; provide full accounting to beneficiaries and obtain receipts and releases

Establish trusts

Establish trusts for minor beneficiaries or others as per the terms of the Will, where applicable

Did you know?

There can be over 70 individual tasks involved, and estates can take years to settle, depending on the complexity. Learn more about the estate you’re settling and get guidance with executor tasks with our free tools.

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When planning your estate and creating your Will, you have many choices as executor, including a family member or friend, a trust company, lawyer or accountant. An RBC Royal Trust professional can help you assess what may be involved, offer a customized level of support and ensure your estate is settled with maximum benefit to your beneficiaries.

Sole executor

We can act as a sole executor in your Will to act independently to carry out your wishes.


We can act as a co-executor in your Will to act alongside another person to carry out your wishes.

Alternate executor

We can act as an alternate executor if your initial executor is unwilling or unable to fulfill their responsibilities.

Agent for executor

We can act as an agent for executor where we support you as the executor2 by assuming as much or as little of the duties as you require, while you retain the final decision-making authority.

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