Professional power of attorney services

Acting as an attorney or choosing one? We can help.

Acting as an attorney under a power of attorney for property is a tremendous responsibility and one that should not be given—or taken on—without careful consideration. If you are thinking about who you might choose to act on your behalf, or if you have been appointed as an attorney for property, we can provide the answers, support and guidance you need.

Power of attorney administration

If you are acting as an attorney for property and are feeling overwhelmed by the duties, or lack the time and expertise required to fulfill your role, we are here to help. We offer customized support based on your needs, while you retain final decision-making authority. We can:

  • Manage all banking, bill payments and other administrative duties
  • Arrange for the sale of property, where applicable
  • Prepare and file income tax returns
  • Liaise with investment advisors
  • Consolidate accounts and provide meticulous record keeping
  • Provide impartiality to balance complex family dynamics
  • And more

How we can help

Support and guidance

We’re here for you with tailored, thoughtful solutions and guidance through life events and times of transition with expertise, empathy and efficiency.

Experienced professionals

You’ll have access to experienced professionals like legal counsel, accountants and other specialists with years of estate and trust experience.

Peace of mind

Whether you are looking to appoint us as your executor and attorney for property or you yourself are named to these important roles, we can help ensure all duties and obligations are properly discharged, providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Not sure how to get started? Let us guide you.

Contact one of our skilled RBC Royal Trust professionals to find out more about the right services for you.

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